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The International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society is, in essence, a society for ALL people interested in keeping guppies. It is designed for people that are new to guppies, hobbyists who want to explore and share information about guppy genetics, guppy strain developers, as well as people who like to exhibit guppies in both competitive and non-competitive contests. IGEES is for people who specialize in guppies and people who are interested in aquarium fish in general.

THE IGEES Guppy School is the training, support, community and coaching platform of the International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society. It is where you can learn about a wide range of guppy interests. 


IGEES Guppy Shows, Exhibitions, and Competitions.

THE Guppy League is the on-line show platform where we conduct virtual open guppy shows, guppy innovation contests, as well as training, support for people who want to become IGEES judges and want to put on an IGEES Open Show. community and video show platform of the International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society. It is where the action happens. 

We’ve drawn guppy hobbyists from all kinds of niches, including people interested in using guppies in aquascaping (Guppyscape), keeping guppies outdoors in tubs or ponds, fish farmers, as well as show breeders. Even scientists and biologists, fans of both wild and ornamental forms of guppies and everything in between.

If your intention is to join a community that celebrates the guppy where everyone shares and contributes their enthusiasm for these great little fish, then that’s what the IGEES is all about. Whether you have been breeding guppies for years or just getting started IGEES has something for you.

-William Gill

Executive Director of IGEES.

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